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John’s products & services:

With no special equipment to buy or use, the “Mallon Method” is an easy-to-learn, one-person, fast, safe way to “do business” with your llamas or alpacas. The Mallon Method employs common sense and logic to build trust between owner and llama or alpaca. In John’s clinics, you will learn ways to increase your confidence and ease of handling of your llama or alpaca. These clinics are very highly recommended by past hosts and attendees.

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John offers the following:

Clinics are limited in size. Strictly limited attendance means “front row seats” and lots of “hands-on” for all. Free handouts and follow-up as part of the clinic package.

“Not any of us can hope to control a 350 lb. animal.
We must help the llama (or alpaca) learn to control himself.” — John Mallon


Your hands and your brain are the only tools used. John asks that you bring your worst-behaved llama or alpaca, and offers a 100%, full money-back guarantee. All of John Mallon Clinics carry a 100% guarantee of satisfaction —

“If, at the end of the day, you don’t feel your money was well spent, your money will be returned, in full, on the spot, just like that.”

John even takes it one step further by saying:

“If, after two weeks of honestly applying what you have learned, you feel that your money was not well spent, call me on my toll-free number for a full refund.”

This guarantee is unprecedented in the industry.

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Level I — “The Foundation”

The Level I Clinic is an intensive eight-hour day, packed with hands-on applications, eye-opening demonstrations, and thought-provoking insights. This foundation clinic comes very highly recommended by “old-timers,” newcomers and veterinarians alike, and is guaranteed to bring about a positive change in your relationship with your llamas or alpacas. This clinic will make you a trainer.

  • Learn the philosophy and principles of training, teaching and learning.
  • Learn how to apply these principles in ways that make sense-to you and your llamas or alpacas.
  • Learn to make a 5-second plan — it guarantees success and makes anything possible.
  • Learn how to tie the lifesaving quick-release knot.
  • Learn safe, relaxed leg handling; quiet,  cooperative haltering; leading on a slack rope.
  • Learn why  early  desensitization  of  crias  is  crucial  to  the animal’s development, and how to perform the procedure.
  • Learn with “hands-on” experience — questions and answers — tips and insights — help with specific problems.

This is where it all begins — learn the psychology of prey animals — what makes them “tick,” in order to be able to work with them in ways they can understand - safely and peacefully. By working from the “inside out,” you will learn how to help your llama overcome his natural fears.

Prerequisite: Level I attendance is required before attending Level II, III, Show, or Driving Clinics.

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Level II — “Continuing Education”

This clinic builds upon previous experience and takes you beyond the basics and into more advanced training.

  • Learn why the less you do, the more you get.
  • Learn to teach your llama “Back”, “Stand”, and “Sidepass.”
  • Learn how to safely handle ears, face, and tail — without having to use a halter or lead.
  • Learn how to safely trim toenails, the most neglected piece of husbandry in the llama industry.
  • Learn verbal cues, as well as hand and foot signals.
  • Teach your llama to load on a slack lead, and how to calmly and safely step out the same way.
  • Learn to train your llama to control itself under any and all situations — shows, parades, breedings,etc.
  • Learn why “manners” around other llamas or alpacas are so very important to all.
  • Learn the basics of conformation analysis for breeding and purchasing decisions.

Prerequisite: Level I attendance is a prerequisite for this clinic.

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Level III — “Higher Learning”

This clinic will be very specific to your needs — you will be among others of your experience, learning techniques that will put you head and shoulders above the average trainer.

  • Learn the principles and use of progressive cues.
  • Learn to refine verbal and visual cues to the point of their being imperceptible to others.

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“Show Clinic”

If you are at all serious about showing, this clinic is for you.

As a co-founder of ALSA and a long-time judge, John will teach you the most important thing you need to know in order to be successful in the show ring — what the judge is looking for in each class.

Quote from clinic attendee

You will learn how to do a quick, in-depth conformation analysis on animals you are considering for showing, purchasing, or breeding; how to “let” your llama stand still for the judge’s approach and handling; how to teach him to center his head, stretch his neck, and pick up his ears, on cue, invisible to others. You will learn how shows can be your best marketing tool or your worst advertising, and how YOU can make the difference.

Basically, this clinic will answer all your questions about shows and showing and prepare you to enter and compete with confidence.

Perfect for…

  • Those people interested in improving their performance in the show arena.
  • Those people who have not yet shown and don’t like to start at the bottom.
  • Anyone looking for an edge over the competition, who’s tired of never quite winning, or someone with that exciting youngster in the barn who might just go “all the way.”

Prerequisite: Level I attendance is a prerequisite for this clinic.

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“Jackpot Clinic”

For the more advanced llama and handler who is ready to step up to Jackpot competitions.

Fine-tune your performance partner and learn how little things can mean a lot of money in Jackpots.

Lots of tips on gaining the showman’s edge by making your cues “invisible.”

“Bomb-proofing” — Overcoming the fear response - you can’t expose him to everything he’ll ever see in competition, but you can help him learn to take new things in stride.

Judging — learn exactly what the judge is looking for, how runs are scored and why. Get inside the judge’s head.

Training tips — 40 years worth. There are a lot of wrong ways of doing things, and usually more than one right way, too. John has personally trained and shown numerous performance champions since 1985, and graduates of his clinics have consistently placed at the top of their classes at the big shows.

These clinics differ from show clinics in that they are specifically geared to the performance classes. No time will be spent discussing halter, showmanship, or conformation analysis. There will be very little lecture time; this is a full day of hands-on performance work, including, but not limited to:

  • Water, tarp, tire crossings
  • Bridges and ramps, both forward and reverse
  • Jumps — including deadfall, cavaletti, barrels, solid walls
  • Backing — around, through or under, in serpentine or any other configuration
  • Sidepassing, turns on forehand, and haunch turns
  • Any other obstacles you want to try, have encountered, or dream up

If you’re serious about competing in the big money Jackpots, this clinic is for you!

Prerequisites: Previous Level I Clinic is mandatory (no exceptions), and previous Level II is recommended as a prerequisite to attending this Jackpot Clinic.

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“Driving Clinic”

* Please be warned — This mode of transportation can be quite addicting!

John has been driving singles and pairs of light horses, draft horses, mini horses, mustangs, burros, and llamas or alpacas for many years, and has won both pleasure and obstacle driving classes at the ILA Jamboree and other sanctioned events.

This is a full-day, hands-on clinic, with very little lecture time. YOU will be doing the training and driving, in groups of three, under John’s careful supervision.

You’ll learn all the harness and cart parts and their functions — what they do, how they work, and how to fit the llama and cart correctly. Your llama will learn to respond to the simple voice cues of “walk,” “stand,” “back,” “left,” “right,” “easy,” “trot,” “whoa,” etc.

Quote from clinic attendee

Perfect for…

  • Anyone who got a cart and harness as a gift and wonders how to use it.
  • People who want another answer to “What do you do with a llama?”
  • Anyone tired of walking out to the mailbox.

NOTE: A driving llama is not made in a day, but this clinic will get you started “down the road” safely. The more time you spend pre-clinic desensitizing your animal to the towel, pack, and harness and teaching “stand,” “walk,” “back,” etc., the faster your progress on clinic day.

CAUTION: Well-trained driving llamas or alpacas can be very difficult to keep for yourself…it seems everyone wants to buy them.

Prerequisite: Level I attendance is a prerequisite for this clinic.

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“How can anyone be that good with llamas or alpacas?”

This is a three- to four-hour exhibition of John “doing his magic” with one or more animals, turning their unacceptable habits into acceptable behaviors, all while explaining what’s going on to the crowd.

He has kept audiences on the edge of their seats while he quickly transforms the most unruly animal into a gentle, willing partner — quietly, safely, and with a lot of humor.

Quote from clinic attendee

John can take a critter from resistant to cooperative in almost no time at all. This is a mind-blowing performance and, at the same time, very informative. These exhibitions are something unique in the camelid world.

John’s aim is to astound and inspire, to amaze and entertain, and to show people what is really possible with llamas and alpacas…once you know what makes them tick.

A John Mallon Exhibition will be the event your membership talks about for weeks after. Even those not yet owning lamas come away with a greater appreciation for the intelligence and “heart” of these unique creatures, many convinced that they absolutely MUST have a llama or alpaca — and soon!

Perfect for…

  • Outdoors/indoors
  • Associations
  • Fairs
  • Public events
  • Fundraising
  • Conferences
  • Audiences from 100 to 1000 attendees

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Due to the overwhelming demands on John’s time, he can only answer training and behavior questions for those people who have attended his clinics in the past. This assures that everyone is “on the same page,” and John is not faced with the impossible task of trying to condense a nine-hour day’s worth of foundation into a few paragraphs.

For your convenience, John offers “Private Telephone Consultations.” See Products & Services for details.

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